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More than understanding numbers and strategies, we believe that knowing how to understand people is fundamental, and we take this very seriously here at Nexconn. We are specialists in air, sea and road transport, and for over ten years we have been dedicated to simplifying your company’s national and international logistics process, putting your needs at the center of everything.

security and
high technology

What moves us is to deliver solutions with excellence and speed, and to bring the world closer to you, we are present on all continents, in more than 90 countries and 400 individual offices, in partnership with a renowned network of agents.

The global performance together with the use of our own tool, which integrates information on national and international transport and customs clearance, allows your operation to be optimized at a lower cost.

this is a brief summary of what we offer you

courage to sail against the current

We are also committed to other responsibilities to deliver excellence: continuous improvement of processes, constant training of professionals, encouraging the well-being of employees through a pleasant work environment, the respect for the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS), the good structuring of a quality policy and the use of high technology, with attention to data security.

Less bureaucracy, more attitude. Our lean and highly specialized team will make your entire process faster and more efficient, without the need for so many exhausting steps to continue your transport. We have the courage to sail against the current of the market, which says that air, sea and road transport is bureaucratic and time-consuming.

we are all connected

Charities are very important to society, but they need financial support to save lives. We know that everything is connected and that we need each other to overcome each challenge, that’s why we contribute monthly to the GRAACC (Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer) and with Centro Infantil Boldrini, two organizations that are so important for the health of Brazilian children, youth and families.

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